SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations

SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations

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Part 01: The Inward Gaze: Introductory Reflections Chapter 1: The struggle for the soul of International Relations: Fragments of a collective journey - Andreas Gofas, Inanna Hamati-Ataya, and Nicholas Onuf Chapter 2: Crafting the reflexive gaze: Knowledge of knowledge in the social worlds of International Relations - Inanna Hamati-Ataya Part 02: Imagining the International, Acknowledging the Global Chapter 3: From the international to the global? - Jens Bartelson Chapter 4: Coloring the global: Race, colonialism and internationalism - Himadepp Muppidi Chapter 5: Liberal International Political Economy as colonial science - David L. Blaney and Naeem Inayatullah Chapter 6: International Relations as a historical social science - George Lawson Chapter 7: International Relations and the gendered international - Jacqui True and Sarah Hewitt Chapter 8: Beyond the 'religious turn': International Relations as political theology - Mustapha Kamal Pasha Chapter 9: Between 'East' and 'West': Travelling theories, travelling imaginations - Zeynep Gulsah Capan and Ayse Zarakol Chapter 10: International Relations and the rise of Asia : A new 'moral imagination' for world politics? - L.H.M. Ling and Boyu Chen Chapter 11: Confucian pacifism or Confucian confusion? - Victoria Tin-bor Hui Chapter 12: The challenges of 'contextualism' - Evgeny Roshchin Chapter 13: Imagining International Relations through alternative worlds - Richard Ned Lebow Part 03: The Search for (an) Identity Chapter 14: The origins of International Relations: Idealists, administrators and the institutionalization of a new science - Torbjorn L. Knutsen Chapter 15: Canon fodder: The founding fathers, classics, and 'isms' of International Relations - Jeremy Youde and Brent J. Steele Chapter 16: The function of myths in International Relations: Discipline and identity - Halvard Leira and Benjamin de Carvalho Chapter 17: Identity and theory: Towards sociological explanations of 'schools' in International Relations - Peter Marcus Kristensen and Yongjin Zhang Chapter 18: International Relations' crystal ball: Prediction and forecasting - Patrick James and Randall J. Jones Jr. Chapter 19: The problem of social utility International Relations and the 'policy gap' - Nicholas Michelsen Chapter 20: A fear of foundations? - Colin Wight Chapter 21: After first principles: The sociological turn in International Relations as disciplinary crisis - Daniel J. Levine and Alexander D. Barder Chapter 22: International Relations and the challenges of interdisciplinarity - Tanja Aalberts Chapter 23: 'Does it matter if it's a discipline?' bawled the child - Patrick Thaddeus Jackson Part 04: International Relations as a Profession Chapter 24: The unequal profession - Arlene B. Tickner Chapter 25: From community to practice: International Relations as a practical configuration - Christian Bueger and Frank Gadinger Chapter 26: Rule by referees? The curious world of academic judgment - Thomas Volgy Chapter 27: International Relations expertise at the interstices of fields and assemblages - Anna Leander Chapter 28: International Relations ideas as reflections and weapons of US foreign policy - Ido Oren Chapter 29: For as undisciplined take on International Relations: The politics of situated scholarship - David Grondin and Anne-Marie D'Aoust Chapter 30: Counter-mapping the discipline: The archipelagos of Western International Relations teaching - Jonas Hagmann and Thomas Biersteker Chapter 31: E Pluribus Unum? How textbooks cover theories - Felix Berenskoetter Chapter 32: International pedagogical relations in fragments: Politics and poetics in the classroom and beyond - Erzsebet Strausz Chapter 33: Training in critical interpretivism, within and beyond the academy - Marcos Scauso, Tanya B. Schwarz and Cecelia Lynch Chapter 34: The dialectic of politics and science from a post-truth standpoint: An outsider's perspective on the field of International Relations - Steve Fuller Chapter 35: What we do: International Relations as craft - Nicholas Onuf Part 05: Looking Ahead: The Future of Meta-Analysis Chapter 36: A historiographer's view: Rewriting the history of international thought - Lucian M. Ashworth Chapter 37: Meta-analysis: A philosophical view - John G. Gunnell Chapter 38: A sociologist's view: Keeping it worldly - Ole Waever
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