Social Diffusion of Ideas and Things

Social Diffusion of Ideas and Things

Durfie, Mary; Lopes, Paul

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CONTENTS Preface - Paul Lopes and Mary Durfee Diffusion Models and Fashion - Diana Crane A Reassessment Diffusion and Syncretism - Paul Lopes The Modern Jazz Tradition The Social Capital of Opinion Leaders - Ronald S. Burt Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovations Using Opinion Leaders - Thomas W. Valente and Rebecca L. Davis Diffusion of Tobacco Control in North America - Donley T. Studlar Morality Policy Reinvention - Christopher Z. Mooney and Mei-Hsien Lee State Death Penalties Human Rights Media Coverage in Chinese East Asia - David P. Fan and Jennifer Ostini Diffusion of Pollution Prevention Policy - Mary Durfee The Diffusion of an Unsuccessful Innovation - Sarah A. Soule From the Streets to the Internet - Jeffrey M. Ayres The Cyber-Diffusion of Contention Theorizing Diffusion - Elihu Katz Tarde and Sorkin Revisited Report of hte Board of Directors Book Department
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