Social Life of Gender

Social Life of Gender

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Acknowledgments - Dawn Dow, Katherine Mason Author Biographies - Katherine Maich, Gowri Vijayakumar Introduction: Conceptualizing Gender Chapter 1: Power (Abigail Andrews) Introduction The Gender Orders of Institutions Gender Hegemonies A History of Gender Hegemonies The Ambiguities of "Progress" Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 2: Position (Abigail Andrews) Introduction Thinking through Difference: Beyond Universality and Objectivity Standpoint Theory: A Sociology for Women From Thinking Gender to Thinking Difference Beyond Binary Thinking An Epistemology of Difference Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 3: Representation (Jennifer Carlson) Introduction Emphasized Femininity The Power of Images Imperial Advertising and Commodity Fetishism Gendered Advertising and the Growth of Industrial Capitalism in the U.S. Norms of Neoliberalism How Images Harm Representing Hegemonic Masculinity Marginalized Masculinities Conclusion: Shifting Gendered Norms Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 4: Practice (Jennifer Carlson) Introduction From Gender Identities to Gender Practices Gender Accountability Interrogating the Science of Sexual Difference Embodiment: Bodies as the Effect of Gender Doing/Undoing Gender and Sex Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 5: Gendering Sexuality (Oluwakemi M. Balogun & Kimberly Kay Hoang) Introduction The Development of Human Sexuality as a Field of Inquiry Early Feminist Interventions: Force versus Consent Contemporary Debates around Sex Trafficking The Politics of Sexual Rights: LGBTQ Rights Movement From Sexuality to Sexualities: Power and Play Doing Gender, Doing Sexuality Sexualized Intersections: Sexuality, Race, Class, and Nation Globalizing Sexualities Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 6: Gendering Crime and Justice (Jennifer Carlson) Introduction From Violence against Women to Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence Rape Myths The Social Construction of Victims and Criminals The Paradox of Women's Violence: Blurring Victimhood and Criminality The Gender Gap in Violence: Men and Masculinity Gendering Justice Undoing Violence, Recognizing Gender Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 7: Gendering Social Reproduction (Dawn Dow & Katherine Mason) Introduction The Social Organization of Biological Reproduction: Historical and Global Perspectives Adoption and Fosterage: Decoupling Biological Reproduction from Child-Rearing Outsourcing Reproduction and Reproducing Inequality Who is Responsible for Social Reproduction? Historical and Global Perspectives What Does Reproductive Labor Entail? Debating Reproductive Labor The Stalled Revolution: Persisting Gender Differences in Reproductive Labor The Mommy Wars and the "Opt-Out Revolution" New Family Forms, New Forms of Social Reproduction? Legal and Technological Innovations Conclusion Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 8: Gendering Exploitation (Abigail Andrews and Raka Ray) Introduction Gender Norms and Inequities in Today's Workplace Occupational Segregation by Sex The Glass Ceiling and the Glass Escalator Explaining Sex Segregation at Work The Gender Wage Gap Other Forms of Discrimination Barriers to Union Organizing Gendering Neoliberal Globalization Gendered Migration and the Global Care Chain The Global Factory and the New Feminine Worker Microfinance, the "Responsible Woman," and the Triple Burden of Public Service Gender Transformations in the Informal Economy Reconstructing Masculinities on the Margins The End of Men? Or More Glass Ceiling? Beyond the Gendered Economy Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 9: Politicizing Gender (Gowri Vijayakumar and Katherine Maich) Introduction Rethinking the History of Feminism: Waves and Currents Nineteenth and Early 20th-Century Gender Activism in the United States Feminisms in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s The 1980s and 1990s: Critiques of White Feminism, Queer Politics, and Transnational Solidarities The 2000s and Beyond: Institutionalization, Backlash, and New Directions Conclusion Keywords Questions Associated Readings Chapter 10: Decolonizing Gender (Raka Ray) Introduction Constructing the Global World Order The Effects of Struggles around Decolonization Colonial Positions and the Politics of Knowledge The Geopolitical Construction of Gender Contextualizing Our Concepts: Ideas Mediated by Culture Conclusion Keywords Questions Associated Readings References - Olawakemi Balogun, Kimberly Hoang
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