Theories of Learning

Theories of Learning


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PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THINKING ABOUT LEARNING Ch1: What is learning? Ch2: How is mind understood: Educational psychology and learning Ch3: An introduction to learning theories: relating learning, knowledge and pedagogy Ch4: Learning and assessment : relating theory and practice Ch5: Applying theories of learning to teaching and assessment PART TWO: DEFINING THE NATURE OF LEARNING : WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE FROM THE DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES? Ch6: Behaviourist theory Ch7: Constructivist theory Ch8: Social constructivist theory Ch9: Socio-culturalist theory Ch10: Brain-friendly learning: A reflective critique Ch11: What does neuroscience tell us about learning? Which theories does it support? PART THREE: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN FOR A CLASSROOM PRACTITIONER? Ch12: Using theory to design for learning Ch13: Theorizing assessment practice Ch14: (Re)applying learning theory to inform teaching
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