Transition to Registered Practice

Transition to Registered Practice

From Student to Qualified Nurse


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Part 1: The beginning of the process Chapter 1: The reality of transitioning from student to qualified nurse - Chris Thurston Chapter 2: Preparing for your first job - Nick Wrycraft Chapter 3: Becoming a qualified nurse - Nick Wrycraft Chapter 4: Preceptorship and supervision - Nick Wrycraft and Zoe Dodd Part 2: During the transition process Chapter 5: Ethical and Legal Aspects of Care - Patricia Macnamara Chapter 6: Responsibilities regarding fitness to practice - Chris Thurston and Marty Chambers Chapter 7: Decision making and clinical guidance - Mary Northrop Part 3: Next phases Chapter 8: CPD and revalidation - Chris Thurston Chapter 9: Leadership and management - Chris Thurston & Nick Wrycraft Chapter 10: Conclusion: Resilience and compassion in qualified practice - Nick Wrycraft
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