Understanding Quantitative Data in Educational Research

Understanding Quantitative Data in Educational Research

Gaciu, Nicoleta

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Part 1: Understanding quantitative data and R
1. Introduction to information, knowledge and quantitative data
2. An introduction to R and RStudio
Part 2: Data visualisation
3. Graphical representation of data
Part 3: Providing information about data
4. Descriptive statistics
5. Measures of dispersion and distributions
6. Normal distribution and standardised scores
Part 4: Making estimations and predictions from the data
7. Fundamentals of inferential statistics
8. Estimations and hypothesis testing
Part 5: From sample to population
9. One-sample tests
10. Differences between the independent or dependent two samples
11. Difference between more than two independent samples
12. Difference between more than two dependent samples
Part 6: Relationships and predictions
13. Relationship between variables
14. Predictions for independent and dependent variables
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