Understanding Research for Business Students

Understanding Research for Business Students

A Complete Student's Guide

Wilson, Jonathan

Sage Publications Ltd






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Chapter 1: Introduction to business research
Chapter 2: Getting started: choosing your research direction
Chapter 3: Writing your research proposal
Chapter 4: Searching and critically reviewing the literature
Chapter 5: Research philosophies, approaches and strategies
Chapter 6: Formulating the research design
Chapter 7: Plagiarism and ethics in business research
Chapter 8: Doing work-based projects and researching your own organization
Chapter 9: Sampling techniques
Chapter 10: Secondary data
Chapter 11: Social media for research
Chapter 12: Interviews and focus groups
Chapter 13: Observational research
Chapter 14: Questionnaires
Chapter 15: Analyzing and managing qualitative data
Chapter 16: Analyzing and managing quantitative data
Chapter 17: Getting started with IBM SPSS Statistics
Chapter 18: Writing up and disseminating your work
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