Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

Murchan, Damian; Shiel, Gerry

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Ch1: Assessment in education: Learning contexts and professional standards
Ch2: Validity, reliability and fairness
Ch3: Understanding assessment of learning: Purposes, impacts and challenges
Ch4: Understanding assessment for learning: Purposes, impacts and challenges
Ch5: Implementing assessment for learning: Techniques and illustrations for classroom use
Ch6: Designing and implementing summative written assessments for classroom use
Ch7: Performance-based assessment
Ch8: Interpreting and using scores from standardised tests and examinations
Ch9: Record-keeping, feedback and reporting from classroom assessment
Ch10: Differentiating assessment to accommodate learners' needs
Ch11: Assessment planning and policy at class, school and system levels
Ch12: Conclusions about assessment in education
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education assessment;assessment for learning;formative assessment;assessment without levels;classroom assessment;NQT year;newly qualified teacher