Values and Ethics in Coaching

Values and Ethics in Coaching

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Introduction Part I: The Nature of Values and Ethics Chapter 1: What are Values and Ethics? Chapter 2: Understanding Personal and Professional Values Part II: Ethical Practice Chapter 3: Developing the Coaching Relationship Chapter 4: Maintaining an Ethical Coaching Practice Chapter 5: Developing an Evidence-Based Coaching Practice Chapter 6: Practising Reflexively Chapter 7: Coaching across Professional Boundaries and Contexts Part III: Ethical Issues in Coaching Contexts Chapter 8: Ethical Issues in Business Coaching Chapter 9: Ethical Issues in Coach Education and Training Chapter 10: Ethical Issues in Sports Coaching Chapter 11: Ethical Issues for Coaching in Healthcare Conclusion: Towards a Shared Understanding of Ethical Standards
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coaching;values;ethics;professional;confidentiality;evidence based;practice;ethical practice