What is Social Work?

What is Social Work?

Contexts and Perspectives

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Chapter 1: Introduction and core themes Chapter 2: The beginnings of social work: "The comfort of strangers" Chapter 3: Social work with children, young people and families Chapter 4: Social work with people with learning difficulties Chapter 5: Social work with people experiencing mental distress Chapter 6: Social work and older people Chapter 7: Formalising and consolidating social work as a profession Chapter 8: Current services, practices and issues Chapter 9: Summarising remarks and signposts Appendix 1: Professional Capabilities Framework Appendix 2: Subject Benchmark for Social Work Appendix 3: A code of ethics for social work (BASW) values and principles Appendix 4: Mapping services in modern social work and social care settings Appendix 5: Time line of the development of social work Appendix 6: Summary of recommendations from the Munro Report Appendix 7: The standards of proficiency for social workers in England and the Professional Capabilties Framework Appendix 8: Building a Safe and Confident Future (July 2009) Resources and useful websites
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