Women, Security, South Asia

Women, Security, South Asia

A Clearing in the Thicket

Rajagopalan, Swarna; Faizal, Farah

SAGE Publications Inc







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Explores women's perspectives on matters of security and related policy, focusing on women in South Asia who are battling society, insecurity and violence in some form. The book examines theories of security; seeks concrete agendas for empirical research in security studies; and brings together statistical, ethnographic and survey data.
Women and Security - Swarna Rajagopalan In Search of a New Paradigm Societal Insecurities - Farah Faizal A Maldivian Study In/Security - Saba Gul Khattak Afghan Women Refugees Silence and Marginality - Amena Mohsin Gendered Security and the Nation-State Dying to be Equal - Sudha Ramachandran Women Militants and Organisational Decision-Making Women Taking the Track Two Path - Ilmas Futehally In Conclusion - Farah Faizal
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