Youth Cultures

Youth Cultures

Bennett, Andy

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VOLUME ONE: HISTORY Youth on the Road: Reflections on the History of Tramping - Judith Adler From Counterculture to Consumer Culture Vespa and the Italian Youth Market, 1958-78 - Adam Arvidsson The Re-Invention of Bhangra: Social Change and Aesthetic Shifts in a Punjabi Music in Britain - Gerd Baumann Jipis, Pijos, Fiesteros: Studies on Youth Cultures in Spain 1960-2004 - Carles Fexia Pampols and Laura Porzio From Jukebox Boys to Revolting Students: Richard Hoggart and the Study of British Youth Culture - David Fowler The Emergence of a Modern Youth Culture: The Swedish 1930s - Mats Franzen The Hippies: An American "Moment" - Stuart Hall "Ducktails, Flick-Knives and Pugnacity": Subcultural and Hegemonic Masculinities in South Africa, 1948-1960 - Katie Mooney From Classlessness to Clubculture: A Geneaology of British Post-War Youth Cultural Analysis - David Muggleton "The Times They Are A-Changin"': The Music of Protest - Robert A. Rosenstone Diversity of Experience, Experience of Diversity: Turkish Migrant Youth Culture in Berlin - Levent Soysant Bodgies and Widgies - Youth Cultures in the 1950s - Jon Stratton Beyond the Skinheads: Comments on the Emergence and Significance of the Glamrock Cult - Ian Taylor and David Wall Shaping 1960s Youth in Britain and France: Fabulous and Salut les copains - Chris Tinker Hot Swing and the Dissolute Life: Youth, Style and Popular Music in Europe 1939-49 - Ralph Willet "Nailed to the X": A Lyrical History of the Straightedge Youth Subculture - Robert T. Wood VOLUME TWO: STYLE Subcultures or Neo-Tribes? Rethinking the Relationship between Youth, Style and Musical Taste - Andy Bennett Youth Subcultural Theory: A Critical Engagement with the Concept, Its Origins and Politics, from the Chicago School to Postmodernism - Shane Blackman Youth and Cultural Practice - Mary Bucholtz The Struggle for Ethnicity: Swedish Youth Styles and the Construction of Ethnic Identities - Erling Bjurstroem Consuming the Car: Anticipation, Use and Meaning in Contemporary Youth Culture - Eamonn Carrabine and Brian Longhurst Defending Ski-Jumpers: A Critique of Theories of Youth Subcultures - Gary Clarke Review: Badges of Half-Formed, Inarticulate Radicalism: A Critique of Recent Trends in the Study of Working Class Youth Culture - Chris Waters Tribal Aspects of Postmodern Consumption Research: The Case of French In-line Roller Skaters - Bernard Cova and Veronique Cova Real Punks and Pretenders: The Social Organisation of a Counterculture - Kathryn Joan Fox Israeli Youth Body Adornments: Between Protest and Conformity - Yehuda Jacobson and Diana Luzzatto Graffiti as Career and Ideology - Richard Lachmann Subculture, Style and Chavs and Consumer Capitalism: Towards a Critical Cultural Criminology of Youth - Greg Martin Settling Accounts with Youth Subcultures: A Feminist Critique - Angela McRobbie Shut Up and Dance: Youth Culture and Changing Modes of Femininity - Angela McRobbie U.S. Feminism-Grrrl Style! Youth (Sub)Cultures and the Technologics of the Third Wave - Ednie Kaeh Garrison Rules of Rebellion: Slamdancing, Moshing, and the American Alternative Scene - William Tsitsos VOLUME THREE: MUSIC Hip Hop Am Main: The Localisation of Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture - Andy Bennett Punks Not Dead: The Significance of Punk Rock for an Older Generation of Fans - Andy Bennett Pop in(to) the Bedroom: Popular Music in Pre-Teen Girls' Bedroom Culture - Sarah Louise Baker 'The Magic that Can Set You Free': The Ideology of Folk and the Myth of the Rock Community - Simon Frith Another Boring Day in Paradise - Lawrence Grossberg The 'Failure' of Youth Culture: Reflexivity, Music and Politics in the Black Metal Scene - Keith Kahn-Harris Subcultural Identity in Alternative Music Culture - Holly Kruse Into the "Jungle" - Benjamin Noys Swedish Youth and Music: Listening Patterns and Motivations - Keith Roe The Power of Love: Rai Music and Youth in Algeria - Marc Schade-Poulsen Youth Culture and the Making of the Post-Fordist Econony: Dance Music in Contemporary Britain - Richard J. Smith and Tim Maughan Why Doesn't Anybody Write Anything about Glam Rock - Jon Stratton Systems of Articulation, Logics of Change: Communities and Scenes in Popular Music - Will Straw Breakdance, Red Eyed Penguins, Vikings, Grunge and Straight Rock 'n' Roll: The Construction of Place in Musical Discourse in Rudenga, East Side Oslo - Viggo Vestel Just a Girl? Rock Music, Feminism, and the Cultural Construction of Female Youth - Gayle Wald Youth Culture, Music, and Cell Phone Branding in China - Jing Wang VOLUME FOUR: MEDIA Adolescents' Uses of Media for Self-Socialization - Jeffrey Jensen Arnett Virtual Subculture? Youth, Identity and the Internet - Andy Bennett Digital Participation at the Margins: Online Circuits of Rap Music by Portuguese Afro-Descendant Youth - Ricardo Campos and Jose Alberton Simoes "Where My Girls At?" Negotiating Black Womanhood in Music Videos - Rana A. Emerson Beyond the Myth of the "Cyberkid": Young People at the Margins of the Information Revolution - Keri Facer and Ruth Furlong Symbiotic Transformations: Youth, Global Media and Indigenous Culture in Malta - Joe Grixti Online Journals as Virtual Bedrooms: Young People, Identity and Personal Space - Paul Hodkinson and Sian Lincoln Music Television and the Invention of Youth Culture in India - Vamsee Juluri Interactive Subcultures and Oppositional Politics - Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner "You Should Have Been There Man": Live Music, DIY Content and On-line Communities - Jessa Lingel and Mor Naaman Rethinking 'Moral Panic' for Multi-Mediated Social Worlds - Angela McRobbie and Sarah L. Thornton My Tribe: Post-subcultural Manifestations of Belonging on Social Network Sites - Brady Robards and Andy Bennett Youth Culture, Media and Globalization Processes in Greenland - Jette Rygaard The Rise of a "Me Culture" in Postsocialist China: Youth, Individualism and Identity Creation in the Blogosphere - Yangzi Sima and Peter C. Pugsley Authentic Identities: Straightedge Subculture, Music, and the Internet - J. Patrick Williams Rave and Straightedge, the Virtual and the Real: Exploring Online and Offline Experiences in Canadian Youth Subcultures - Brian Wilson and Michael Atkinson
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