Emotional AI

Emotional AI

The Rise of Empathic Media

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Chapter 1 Introducing Empathic Media Chapter 2 Situating Empathy Chapter 3 Group Sentimentality Chapter 4 Spectrum of Emotions: Gaming the Body Chapter 5 Leaky Emotions: The Case of Facial Coding Chapter 6 Priming Voice-Based AI: I Hear You Chapter 7 Affective Witnessing: VR 2.0 Chapter 8 Advertising, Retail and Creativity: Capturing the Flaneur Chapter 9 Personal Technologies that Feel: Towards a Novel Form of Intimacy Chapter 10 Empathic Cities Chapter 11 Politics of Feeling Machines: Debating De-Identification and Dignity Chapter 12 Conclusion: Dignity, Ethics, Norms, Policies and Practices Appendices References
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