Introducing Media Practice

Introducing Media Practice

The Essential Guide


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Introduction: Media Practice, Media Theory and Employability - The Relevance of Media Theory to Practical Projects and the Workplace Chapter 1: Media Practice and Employability - From Project Skills to Real World Skills Chapter 2: Media Production Teams - Team Skills and Life Skills Chapter 3: Media Project Briefs - From Media Student to Media Professional Chapter 4: Reaching Your Audience - Media Practice, Production and Consumption Chapter 5: Scripting Your Projects - Ideas, Forms and Genres Chapter 6: Designing Your Projects - Media Practice and Mise-en-scene Chapter 7: Constructing Your Projects - The Technical Elements of Media Practice Chapter 8: Organising Media Production - Production Roles and Administration Chapter 9: Editing Your Projects - Post-production, Sound Design and Typography Chapter 10: Exhibition and Distribution - Online Platforms, Festivals and Screenings Chapter 11: Evaluating Your Media Projects - Critical Analysis and Reflection on Media Project Work Chapter 12: Employability and Media Practice - Becoming Career Ready! Glossary of Terms
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