McQuail's Media and Mass Communication Theory

McQuail's Media and Mass Communication Theory

McQuail, Denis; Deuze, Mark

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Part 1 Preliminaries
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Book
Chapter 2: The Rise, Decline, and Return of Mass Media
Part 2 Theories
Chapter 3: Concepts and Models for Mass Communication
Chapter 4: Theories of Media and Society
Chapter 5: Media, Mass Communication, and Culture
Chapter 6: New Media Theory
Part 3 Structures
Chapter 7: Freedom and Accountability of Media
Chapter 8: Ownership and Governance of Media
Chapter 9: Global Mass Communication
Part 4 Organizations
Chapter 10: The Media Organization: Pressures and Demands
Chapter 11: The Production of Media Culture
Part 5 Content
Chapter 12: Media Content: Issues, Concepts and Methods of Analysis
Chapter 13: Media Genres, Formats and Texts
Part 6 Audiences
Chapter 14: Audience Theory and Research Traditions
Chapter 15: Audience Formation and Experience
Part 7 Effects
Chapter 16: Processes and Models of Media Effects
Chapter 17: A Canon of Media Effects
Part 8 Epilogue
Chapter 18: The Future of Media and Mass Communication Theory
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