Pedagogical Documentation in Early Years Practice

Pedagogical Documentation in Early Years Practice

Seeing Through Multiple Perspectives

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PART 1 SETTING THE STAGE Chapter 1 The landscape of pedagogical documentation - Alma Fleet Chapter 2 Pedagogical documentation and pedagogical choices - Lise-Lotte Bjervas and Gunilla Rosendahl Chapter 3 Developing pedagogical documentation within the EYFS curriculum framework - Nicola Stobbs, Janet Harvell and Michael Reed Commentary: Living with a growing idea - Lasse Lipponen PART 2 LANGUAGES OF REPRESENTATION Chapter 4 The worlds of the very young: Seeing the everyday in small pieces - Suallyn Mitchelmore Chapter 5 Making learning visible in dance and other creative arts - Marc Richard Chapter 6 Using video in pedagogical documentation: Interpretive and poetic possibilities - Sylvia Kind and Adrienne Argent Commentary: Opening doors and windows - Stefania Giamminuti PART 3 EMBRACING POSSIBILITIES OF CHANGE Chapter 7 Collaborative decision making within pedagogical documentation - Janet Robertson Chapter 8 Pedagogic documentation and student learning - Michael Reed and Nicola Stobbs Chapter 9 Making the outdoors visible in pedagogical documentation - Jane Merewether Chapter 10 Diving into the unknown: The experience of pedagogical documentation at Mia Mia - Angela Chng Commentary: Posing Big(ger) Ideas and Questions - Maria Cooper and Helen Hedges PART 4 THE WIDER VIEW Chapter 11 Knowledge and practice of pedagogical documentation: Professional development for educators - Rosie Walker, Michael Reed, Nicola Stobbs Chapter 12 The potential of pedagogical documentation for leadership enactment - Iris Berger Chapter 13 Weavings, walks and wonderings: Stories of the liveliness of pedagogical narrations - B. Denise Hodgins, Deborah Thompson and Kathleen Kummen Commentary: Situating pedagogical documentation internationally - Andrew Stremmel Chapter 14 Pedagogical Documentation - Where to from here? - Alma Fleet, Janet Robertson and Catherine Patterson
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