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VOLUME ONE: FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Part One: Fundamental Works The Study of Administration - Woodrow Wilson Bureaucracy and Bureaucratization - S. Eisenstadt Nonmarket Decision-Making: The Peculiar Economics of Bureaucracy - William Niskanen Administrative Decision-Making - Herbert Simon Part Two: History of Public Administration Wang Anshi and the Origins of Modern Public Administration in Song Dynasty China - Wolfgang Drechsler Administrative History of the United States of America: Development and State of the Art - Jos Raadschelders Administrative Legacies in Western Europe - Fabio Rugge Part Three: Organizations in Public Administration Ode to Luther Gulick: Span of Control and Organizational Performance - Kenneth Meier and John Bohte Institutional Isomorphism and Public Sector Organizations - Peter Frumkin and Joseph Galaskiewicz The Design of Public Agencies: Overcoming Agency Costs and Commitment Problems - Kutsal Yesilkagit How Bureaucratic Structure Matters: An Organizational Perspective - Morten Egeberg Part Four: Reforming the Public Sector 40 Years of Public Management Reform In UK Central Government - Promises, Promises... - Christopher Pollitt The Global Revolution in Public Management: Driving Themes, Missing Links - Donald Kettl Globalization and Administrative Reform: What Is Happening in Theory? - Laurence Lynn Jr. The Middle-Aging of New Public Management: into the Age of Paradox? - Christopher Hood and Guy Peters Part Five: The Future of Public Administration New Public Governance in Westminster Systems: Impartial Public Administration and Management Performance at Risk - Peter Aucoin Maybe It Is time to Rediscover Bureaucracy - Johan Olsen From Responsiveness to Collaboration: Governance, Citizens, and the Next Generation of Public Administration - Eran Vigoda The New Public Service: Steering Rather than Steering - Robert Denhardt and Janet Vinzant Denhardt VOLUME TWO: PEOPLE IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Part Six: Civil Service Systems and Alternatives Top Civil Servants under Contract - Per Laegreid Canada's Senior Public Service and the Typology of Bargains: From the Hierarchy of Senior Civil Servants to a Community of 'Controlled' Entrepreneurs - Jacques Bourgault Comprehensive Reform and Public Administration in Post-Communist States - Tony Verheijen Revisiting Politicization: Political Advisers and Public Servants in Westminster Systems - Chris Eichbaum and Richard Shaw Part Seven: Representative Bureaucracy Lipstick or Logarithms: Gender, Institutional Context, and Representative Bureaucracy - Lael Keiser et al. What Drives the Implementation of Diversity Management Programs? Evidence from Public Organizations - David Pitts et al. Rethinking Diversity for Public Organizations in the 21st Century: Moving toward a Multicultural Model - Sally Coleman Selden and Frank Selden A Contingency Approach to Representative Bureaucracy: Power, Equal Opportunities and Diversity - Sandra Groeneveld & Steven Van de Walle Part Eight: Motivations, Values and Rewards Managing Conflicting Public Values: Governing with Integrity and Effectiveness - Gjalt de Graaf and Zeger Van der Wal Bringing Society In: Toward a Theory of Public Sector Motivation - James Perry Public Service and Motivation: Does Mission Matter - Bradley Wright Into an Age of Multiple Austerities?: Public Management and Public Service Bargains across OECD Countries - Martin Lodge and Christopher Hood VOLUME THREE: THE POLITICAL ROLE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Part Nine: Politicians and Bureaucrats I: Policy Advice An Evaluation Crucible: Evaluating Policy Advice in Australian Central Agencies - Michael Di Francesco Power Resources of Parliamentary Executives: Policy Advice in the UK and Germany - Julia Fleischer When Does Power Listen to Truth? A Constructivist Approach to the Policy Process - Peter Haas Policy Analysis, Science and Politics: From 'Speaking Truth to Power' to 'Making Sense Together' - Robert Hoppe Part Ten: Politicians and Bureaucrats II: Patterns of Interaction Structure and Process, Politics and Policy: Administrative Arrangements and the Political Control of Agencies - Matthew McCubbins, Roger Noll and Barry Weingast Ministers and top officials in the Dutch Core Executive: Living Together, Growing Apart? - Paul 'T Hart and Anchrit Wille Bureaucrats as Public Policy-Makers and Their Self-Interests. - Morten Egeberg The New Public Management Reforms in Asia: A Comparison of South and Southeast Asian Countries - Ramanie Samartunge, Quamrul Alam and Julian Teicher Part Eleven: Bureaucracy and Interest Groups A Bias toward Business? Interest Group Influence on the US Bureaucracy - Jason Webb Yackee and Susan Webb Yackee Interests, Influence and Information: Comparing the Influence of Interest Groups in the European Union - Adam William Chalmers Labour Market Organizations' Participation in Swedish Public Policymaking - Torsten Svensson and PerOla OEberg Networks: Reified Metaphor or Governance Panacea? - Tanja Boerzel Part Twelve: Policy Making and the Bureaucracy Bringing Politics Back In: Towards a Model of the Developmental State - Adrian Leftwich Making Sense of Public Value: Concepts, Critiques, and Emergent Meanings - John Alford and Janine O'Flynn Why Bureaucratic Structure Matters for the Implementation of Democratic Governance Programs - Agnes Cornell Part Thirteen: Bureaucracy and Budgeting Beyond 'Best Practice' and 'Basics First' in Adopting Performance Budgeting Reform - Matthew Andrews Budget Reform in OECD Member Countries: Common Trends - Jon Bloendal A Budget for All Seasons? Why the Traditional Budget Lasts - Aaron Wildavsky Public Sector Growth: Comparing Politicians' and Administrators' Spending Preferences - Dag Ingvar Jacobsen VOLUME FOUR: IMPLEMENTATION AND SERVICE PROVISION Part Fourteen: Implementation Implementation Structures: A New Unit of Administrative Analysis - Benny Hjern and David Porter The Thesis of Incongruent Implementation: Revisiting Pressman and Wildavsky - Peter Hupe Synthesizing the Implementation Literature: The Ambiguity-Conflict Model of Policy Implementation - Richard Matland Implementation Perspectives: Status and Reconsideration - Soren Winter Part Fifteen: Street Level Bureaucracy Mind the Gap: Dimensions and Influence of Street-level Divergence - Anat Gofen Policy Work: Street-level Organizations under New Managerialism - Evelyn Brodkin Street-level Bureaucracy and Public Accountability - Peter Hupe And Michael Hill Part sixteen: Networks and Other Alternative Modes of Implementation Social Movements and Policy Implementation: The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the War on Poverty, 1965 to 1971 - Kenneth Andrews Policy Implementation: The Organizational Challenge - Benjamin Crosby Policy Implementation through Bargaining: The Case of Federal Grants-in-Aid - Helen Ingram Combining Structure, Governance, and Context: A Configurational Approach to Network Effectiveness - Joerg Raab, Remco Mannak and Bart Camre Part seventeen: Instruments in Public Administration Design Principles for Policy Mixes: Cohesion and Coherence in 'New Governance' Arrangements - Michael Howlett and Jeremy Rayner Instruments of Government: Perceptions and Contexts - Stephen Linder and B. Guy Peters The Swiss Army Knife of Government - Roderick Macdonald Behavioral Assumptions of Policy Tools - Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram VOLUME FIVE: BUREAUCRACY IN PARTICULAR SETTINGS Part Eighteen: Public Administration in the European Union Agency Growth between Autonomy and Accountability: The European Police Office as a 'Living Institution' - Madalina Busuioc, Deirdre Curtin and Martijn Groenleer EU-level Agencies: New Executive Centre Formation or Vehicles for National Control? - Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal Several Roads Lead to International Norms, but Few via International Socialization: The Case of the European Commission - Liesbet Hooghe Part Nineteen: Latin American Bureaucracy Public Administration and Public Sector Reform in Latin America - Jorge Nef New Wine in Old Bottles: How New Democracies Deal with Inherited Bureaucratic Apparatuses: The Experiences of Mexico and Spain - Guillermo Cejudo Part Twenty: Public Administration in Africa Public Sector Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Can Be Learnt from the Civil Service Improvement Programme in Ghana? - K. Antwi, F. Analour and D. Nana-Agyekum The Politics of Bureau Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa - Janice Caulfield Part Twenty-One: Public Administration in Asia The Politics of Administrative Reform in Asia: Paradigms and Legacies, Paths and Diversities - Anthony Cheung Administrative Reform in Japan: Past Development and Future Trends - Toshiyuki Masujima Administrative Reform and Tidal Waves from Regime Shifts: Tsunamis in Thailand's Political and Administrative History - Bidhya Bowornwathana The Politics of Administrative Reform in East and South-East Asia: from Gridlock to Continuous Self-Improvement? - Martin Painter Part Twenty-Two: Bureaucracy in International Organizations Does Bureaucracy Really Matter?: The Authority of Intergovernmental Treaty Secretariats in Global Environmental Politics - Steffen Bauer 'To Be, But Not to Be Seen': Exploring the Impact of International Civil Servants - Xu Yi-Chong and Patrick Weller Organizational Culture in a Multicultural Organization - Robert McLaren International Bureaucracy: The Myth and Reality of the International Civil Service - Thomas Weiss VOLUME SIX: ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONTROL Part Twenty-Three: Accountability: General Issues Analysing and Assessing Accountability: A Conceptual Framework - Mark Bovens 'Accountability': An Ever-Expanding Concept? - Richard Mulgan Accountability as a Bureaucratic Minefield: Lessons from a Comparative Study - Edward Page Does Horizontal Accountability Work?: Evaluating Potential Remedies for the Accountability Deficit of Agencies - Thomas Schillemans Part Twenty-Four: Accountability II: Transparency and Openness Indignation or Resignation: The Implication of Transparency for Societal Accountability - Monika Bauhr and Marcia Grimes Administrative Discretion in the Transparent Bureaucracy - Hwang-Sun Kang Perceptions of Transparency of Government Policy-Making: A Cross-National Study - Jeannine Relly and Meghna Sabharwal Part Twenty-Five: Accountability-Controlling Corruption Administrative Corruption - Gerald Caiden and Naomi Caiden Globalization and Corruption Control in Asian Countries - Jon Quah Motivation, Discretion and Corruption - Illoong Kwon Why Do Some Regions in Europe Have Higher Quality of Government? - Nicholas Charron and Victor Lapuente
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