Safeguarding Across the Life Span

Safeguarding Across the Life Span


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About the book Introduction Chapter 1: What is safeguarding? Chapter 2: Organisational arrangements for safeguarding in the UK Chapter 3: Concepts in safeguarding practice Chapter 4: Theories for safeguarding practice Part 1: Children and Young People Chapter 5: The law and safeguarding children and young people in the UK Chapter 6: Safeguarding children and young people from neglect Chapter 7: Safeguarding children and young people from online danger Chapter 8: Safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation Chapter 9: Safeguarding chidlren and young people from honour-based violence Part 2: Adults Chapter 10: The law and safeguarding adults in the UK Chapter 11: Safeguarding adults from domestic violence and abuse Chapter 12: Safeguarding adults with an intellectual disability Part 3: The Older Person Chapter 13: The law and safeguarding the older person in the UK Chapter 15: Safeguarding the older person from abuse and neglect Conclusion Final Thoughts
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