Science Curriculum Topic Study

Science Curriculum Topic Study

Bridging the Gap Between Three-Dimensional Standards, Research, and Practice

Keeley, Page D.; Tugel, Joyce

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LIST OF CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY GUIDES PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ABOUT THE AUTHORS CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION TO CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY (CTS) What Is Curriculum Topic Study (CTS)? Why Study a Curriculum Topic? Why Focus on Topics? CTS Impacts Beliefs About Teaching and Learning CHAPTER 2. THE CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY GUIDE AND ITS COMPONENTS The CTS Study Guide Collective Resources Used in the CTS Guides CHAPTER 3. USING CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY CHAPTER 4. USING AND APPLYING CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY CHAPTER 5. THE CURRICULUM TOPIC STUDY GUIDES Category A: Life Science Guides Category B: Physical Science Guides Category C: Earth and Space Science Guides Category D: Scientific and Engineering Practices Guides Category E: Crosscutting Concepts Guides Category F: STEM Connections Guides REFERENCES INDEX
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NGSS;Next Generation Science Standards;NSTA;National Science Teachers Association