Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics in Primary Schools

Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics in Primary Schools

Gill, Angela; Jolliffe, Wendy; Waugh, David

SAGE Publications Ltd







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The government prioritizes systematic synthetic phonics as a key strategy in the teaching of reading, this book provides a comprehensive guide to teaching systematic synthetic phonics in primary schools.
Section 1: Subject knowledge for teachers Discriminating sounds and phonemes Challenges Grapheme-phoneme correspondences and 'tricky' or common exception words Decoding and encoding text Long vowel digraphs - the advanced alphabetic code Phonics into spelling Section 2: Effective pedagogy Teaching phonics in the early years Multi-sensory and interactive methods Teaching a systematic structured progression Planning for phonics Tracking and assessing pupils' learning and effective intervention Teaching phonics in Key Stage 2 Using a range of programmes and resources Conclusion Glossary Model answers to self-assessment questions Index
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