SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture

SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture

Maclaran, Pauline; Kravets, Olga; Miles, Steven; Venkatesh, Alladi

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Chapter 1: Introduction - Olga Kravets, Pauline Maclaran, Steven Miles and Alladi Venkatesh
PART 1: Sociology of Consumption
Chapter 2: The Emergence of Contemporary Consumer Culture - Stephen Miles
Chapter 3: The Systems of Provision Approach to Understanding Consumption - Ben Fine, Kate Bayliss and Mary Robertson
Chapter 4: The Making of the Consumer: Historical and Sociological Perspectives - Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel and Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
Chapter 5: Consumption, Class and Taste - Jessica Paddock
PART 2: Geographies of Consumer Culture
Chapter 6: Debunking the Myths of Global Consumer Culture Literature - Gueliz Ger, Emineguel Karababa, Alev Kuruoglu, Meltem Tuere, Tuba UEstuener and Baskin Yenicioglu
Chapter 7: Consumer Culture in Socialist Russia - Olga Gurova
Chapter 8: New Urbanism, Post-nationalism and Consumerist Modernity in India - Sanja Srivastava
Chapter 9: Consumption and Consumer Rights in Contemporary China - Erika Kuever
Chapter 10: Spaces of (Consumer) Resistance - Andreas Chatzidakis and Vera Hoelscher
PART 3: Consumer Culture Studies in Marketing
Chapter 11: Consumer Culture Theory: A Front-row Seat at the Sidelines - Linda Price
Chapter 12: Consumer Identity Projects - Gretchen Larsen and Maurice Patterson
Chapter 13: Re-presenting, Reinvigorating and Reconciling: Gift-Giving Research within and beyond the CCT Paradigm - Cele C. Otnes
Chapter 14: Prosumption Tribes: How Consumers collectively Rework Brands, Products, Services and Markets - Bernard Cova and Daniele Dalli
Chapter 15: Contesting Understandings of Contestation: Rethinking Perspectives on Activism - Jay Handelman and Eileen Fischer
PART 4: Consumer Culture in Media and Cultural Studies
Chapter 16: Consumer Culture and The Media - Mehita Iqani
Chapter 17: Body Projects: Fashion, Aesthetic Modifications and Stylised Selves - Rossella Ghigi and Roberta Sassatelli
Chapter 18: Who takes the first bite? A Critical Overview of Gender Representations in Food Marketing - Daniela Pirani, Benedetta Cappellini and Vicki Harman
Chapter 19: Biopolitical Marketing and Technologies of Enclosure - Detlev Zwick and Janice Denegri-Knott
PART 5: Material Cultures of Consumption
Chapter 20: The Materiality of Consumer Culture - Paul Mullins
Chapter 21: Subject/Object Relations and Consumer Culture - Shona Bettany
Chapter 22: Another Consumer Culture Theory: An ANT look at consumption, or how 'market-things' help 'cultivate' customers - Franck Cochoy and Alexandre Mallard
Chapter 23: Objects: From Signs to Design - Benoit Heilbrunn
Chapter 24: The War on Cash - Brett Scott
PART 6: The Politics of Consumer Culture
Chapter 25: Consumer-Citizens: Markets, Marketing and the Making of 'Choice' - Stefan Schwarzkopf
Chapter 26: Are you Neoliberal Fit? The Politics of Consumption under Neoliberalism - Anisha Datta and Indranil Chakraborty
Chapter 27: Sustainable Consumption, Consumer Culture and The Politics of a Megatrend - William Kilbourne, Pierre McDonagh and Andrea Prothero
Chapter 28: Buying into the Nation: The Politics of Consumption and Nationalism - Eleftheria J. Lekakis
Chapter 29: The Politics of Consumption - Alan Bradshaw
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