SAGE Handbook of Drug & Alcohol Studies

SAGE Handbook of Drug & Alcohol Studies

Social Science Approaches

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Section One: Central Social Science Theories in Drug and Alcohol Studies Chapter 01: Central social science theories in drug and alcohol studies introduction - Editors Chapter 02: Historical Perspectives - Mark Hailwood Chapter 03: Sociological Perspectives - Franca Beccaria & Franco Prina Chapter 04: Psychological Explanations of Addiction - Robert Hill and Jennifer Harris Chapter 05: Anthropological study of drug use: Methodological and theoretical considerations - J. Bryan Page and Merrill Singer Chapter 06: Criminological Perspectives - Karen Joe Laidler Chapter 07: Cultural Studies Approaches to Drugs and Alcohol - Kane Race and Rebecca Brown Chapter 08: Geographical perspectives on drug and alcohol studies - Mark Jayne, Gill Valentine and Sarah L. Holloway Section Two: Pillars in Social Science Drug and Alcohol Studies Chapter 09: Drug policy - Alison Ritter, Caitlin Hughes and Phillip Hull Chapter 10: Alcohol policy in global context - James Nicholls Chapter 11: Drug policy in practice - Esben Houborg and Bagga Bjerge Chapter 12: National preventive approaches to tackle alcohol misuse - Elias Allara, Marica Ferri and Fabrizio Faggiano Chapter 13: Community-focused approaches to the prevention of alcohol-related harms: from past experiences to future possibilities - Richard Midford and Anthony Shakeshaft Chapter 14: Bridging Harm Reduction and Recovery - Heino Stoever Chapter 15: The Treatment Response: Systemic Features, Paradigms and Socio-Cultural Frameworks - Harald Klingemann & Jessica Storbjoerk Chapter 16: Matching patients to treatments or matching interventions to needs? - Morten Hesse, Birgitte Thylstrup and Anette Sogaard Nielsen Chapter 17: Workforce Development and professionalization - Anna Nelson Chapter 18: Reflecting on Intoxication - Geoffrey Hunt and Vibeke Asmussen Frank Chapter 19: Identity, Friendship and Sociality - Thomas Thurnell-Read Chapter 20: Consumption and context - Mark Jayne, Gill Valentine, and Sarah L. Holloway Section Three: Controversies and New Approaches in Social Science Drug and Alcohol Studies Chapter 21: Addiction: Critical Reflections on a Debated Concept - Helen Keane Chapter 22: Learning to live with 'Big Fat Words'? An exploration of the dominant concepts applied to problem drug and alcohol use - Shane Butler and Paula Mayock Chapter 23: The Increasing Visibility of Gender in the Alcohol and Drug Fields - Geoffrey Hunt, Tamar Antin, Jeanett Bjonness and Elizabeth Ettorre Chapter 24: Ethnicity and drug policy in the USA - Bill Sanders Chapter 25: Social class and deprivation - Angus Bancroft Chapter 26: Maturing on a high: an analysis of trends, prevalence and patterns of recreational drug use in middle and older adulthood - Lisa Williams and Rebecca Askew Chapter 27: Sex work, illicit drug use and the risk environment - Lisa Maher Chapter 28: Homelessness and Substance Use - Betsy Thom and Carmen Aceijas Chapter 29: The prison population and illegal drug use - Karen Duke and Torsten Kolind Chapter 30: User perspectives - Bagga Bjerge, Caral Brown and Glenda Daniels Chapter 31: The Relevance of Western Research to Developing Countries: Narrowing the North-South Divide in Drug Policy and Practice - Isidore Silas Obot Chapter 32: The relevance of 'Western' alcohol research and policy to developing countries - Clare Herrick Chapter 33: What's So 'New' About New Psychoactive Substances? Definitions, prevalence, motivations, user groups and a proposed new taxonomy - Fiona Measham and Russell Newcombe Chapter 34: The decriminalization of drugs - Henry H. Brownstein Chapter 35: The limits of evidence-based practice in the pursuit of specific treatment efficacy - Anders Bergmark and Lena Hubner Chapter 36: Public health approaches to substance use: a critique - Susanne MacGregor Chapter 37: Illegal Street Economies and Drugs: Getting involved, skilled, and trying to quit - Philip Lalander Chapter 38: Legal economies: The role of the alcohol industry - Jacek Moskalewicz and Lukasz Wieczorek Chapter 39: Natures, Cultures and Bodies of Cannabis - Cameron Duff
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