SAGE Handbook of Web History

SAGE Handbook of Web History

Bruegger, Niels; Milligan, Ian

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Foreword: The Web as Counterpart - Steve Jones
Introduction - Niels Bruegger & Ian Milligan
Part 01: The Web and Historiography
Chapter 1: Historiography and the Web - Ian Milligan
Chapter 2: Understanding the Archived Web as a Historical Source - Niels Bruegger
Chapter 3: Existing Web Archives - Peter Webster
Chapter 4: Periodizing web archiving: Biographical, event-based, national and autobiographical traditions - Richard Rogers
Part 02: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections
Chapter 5: Web History in Context - Valerie Schafer & Benjamin G. Thierry
Chapter 6: Science and Technology Studies Approaches to Web History - Francesca Musiani & Valerie Schafer
Chapter 7: Theorizing the Uses of the Web - Ralph Schroeder
Chapter 8: Ethical considerations for web archives and web history research - Stine Lomborg
Chapter 9: Collecting Primary Sources from Web Archives: A Tale of Scarcity and Abundance - Federico Nanni
Chapter 10: Network Analysis for Web History - Michael Stevenson & Anat Ben-David
Chapter 11: Quantitative Web History methods - Anthony Cocciolo
Chapter 12: Computational Methods for Web History - Anat Ben-David & Adam Amram
Chapter 13: Visualizing Historical Web Data - Justin Joque
Part 03: Technical and Structural Dimensions of Web History
Chapter 14: Adding the Dimension of Time to HTTP - Michael L. Nelson & Herbert Van de Sompel
Chapter 15: Hypertext Before the Web - or, What the Web Could Have Been - Belinda Barnet
Chapter 16: A historiography of the hyperlink: Periodizing the web through the changing role of the hyperlink - Anne Helmond
Chapter 17: How Search Shaped and Was Shaped by the Web - Alexander Halavais
Chapter 18: Making the Web Meaningful: A History of Web Semantics - Lindsay Poirier
Chapter 19: Browsers and Browser Wars - Marc Weber
Chapter 20: Emergence of the Mobile Web - Gerard Goggin
Part 04: Platforms on the Web
Chapter 21: Wikipedia - Andy Famiglietti
Chapter 22: A Critical Political Economy of Web Advertising History - Matthew Crain
Chapter 23: Exploring Web Archives in the Age of Abundance: A Social History Case Study of GeoCities - Ian Milligan
Chapter 24: Blogs - Ignacio Siles
Chapter 25: The History of Online Social Media - Christina Ortner, Philip Sinner & Tanja Jadin
Part 05: Web History and Users, some Case Studies
Chapter 26: Cultural Historiography of the 'Homepage' - Madhavi Mallapragada
Chapter 27: Consumers, News and a History of Change - Allie Kosterich & Matthew Weber
Chapter 28: Historical studies of national web domains - Niels Bruegger & Ditte Laursen
Chapter 29: The Origins of Electronic Literature as Net/Web Art - James O'Sullivan & Dene Grigar
Chapter 30: Exploring the memory of the First World War using web archives: web graphs seen from different angles - Valerie Beaudouin, Zeynep Pehlivan & Peter Stirling
Chapter 31: A History with Web Archives, Not a History of Web Archives: A History of the British Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Crisis, 1998-2004 - Gareth Millward
Chapter 32: Religion and Web history - Peter Webster
Chapter 33: Hearing the Past: The Sonic Web from MIDI to Music Streaming - Jeremy Wade Morris
Chapter 34: Memes - Jim McGrath
Chapter 35: Years of the Internet: Vernacular creativity before, on and after the Chinese Web - Gabriele de Seta
Chapter 36: Cultural, political and technical factors influencing early Web uptake in North America and East Asia - Mark McLelland
Chapter 37: Online pornography - Susanna Paasonen
Chapter 38: Spam - Finn Brunton
Chapter 39: Trolls and Trolling History: From Subculture to Mainstream Practices - Michael Nycyk
Part 06: The Roads Ahead
Chapter 40: Web archives and (digital) history: a troubled past and a promising future? - Jane Winters
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