Sage Handbook of Sociology of Education

Sage Handbook of Sociology of Education

Berends, Mark; Lamb, Stephen; Schneider, Barbara

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Introduction - Mark Berends, Barbara Schneider, Stephen Lamb
PART 1: Education and Persistent Inequality
Chapter 1: Inequality and Educational Policy: Lessons for Comparative Research After the Coleman Report - Ji Cao, Yutong Hu, and Tony Tam
Chapter 2: Education: The Great Equalizer, Social Reproducer, or Legitimator of New Forms of Social Stratification - David Baker, Maryellen Schaub, Junghee Choi, Karly Ford
Chapter 3: Old and New Questions in Cross-National Educational Research Using PISA Data: Institutional Features, Students' Well-Being, and Out-Of-School Learning Activities - Hyunjoon Park and Youngshin Lim
Chapter 4: Comparative Studies of Educational Inequality: An Example Based on a Study of City Youth - Stephen Lamb
Chapter 5: Ethnoracial Inequalities in Latin America - Edward Telles and Caroline Martinez
Chapter 6: Education and Social Inequality in China - Wensong Shen and Emily Hannum
Chapter 7: Educational Opportunities and Asian Communities - Jennifer Lee & Denise Ambriz
Chapter 8: Gender and Educational Inequality - Lara Perez-Felkner, Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier, and Rose Rezaei
Chapter 9: Global Processes of Stratification: Gender and Social Class - Leandra Cate and Karly Ford
Chapter 10: School Diversity and Life Course Outcomes - Roslyn Mickelson
Chapter 11: Education, Health, and Inequalities - Emily A. Lybbert and Chandra Muller
PART 2: Social & Family Contexts
Chapter 12: Short- and Long-Term Payoffs of Early Childhood Education for Reducing Inequality - Rachel A. Gordon
Chapter 13: Systemic Inequality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic - Jen Jackson
Chapter 14: Early Childhood Education Effects into Adulthood - Milagros Nores and Roshnee Prayag
Chapter 15: Family Effects from Early Childhood into Adulthood - Emma Romell and Eric Grodsky
Chapter 16: Social Inequality and Families - Christina Cross and Natasha Pilkauskas
Chapter 17: Parental Involvement in Education Through a Sociological Lens - Julie W. Dallavis and Mark Berends
Chapter 18: Immigrant Families and Educational Attainment - Oshin Khachikian and Nina Bandelj
Chapter 19: Sitting on the Wall: The Intersection of International Migration and Education - Silvia Giorguli and Miguel Amaro
PART 3: Schools & Educational Policy
Chapter 20: Cross-National Socioeconomic Inequality and Educational Policy - Anna Katyn Chmielewski & Sheena Bell
Chapter 21: The Social Context of Learning and Student Achievement Gaps - George Farkas
Chapter 22: Family, School, and Community Contributions to Student Outcomes: International Perspectives on Family, School, and Community Factors that Contribute to Students' Health, Wellbeing and Achievement - Laura Perry, Genevieve McSporran and Peter Whipp
Chapter 23: Social Differentiation and the Academic Curriculum - Richard Teese
Chapter 24: Upper Secondary Education from a Comparative Perspective: Academic and Vocational Paths - Filomena Parada, Katja Upadyaya, and Katariina Salmela-Aro
Chapter 25: School Segregation in Chile and Effects on Social Cohesion - Andres Molina
Chapter 26: Dropping Out of High School: An International Problem - Russell W. Rumberger
Chapter 27: Students' Experiences of Academic Inequality - Marie Duru-Bellat
Chapter 28: Educational Policies, Lifelong Learning, and Social Diversity - Tero Jaervinen and Heikki Silvennoinen
Chapter 29: Social Policy Effects on Educational Inequities - Leila Morsy
PART 4: Neighborhoods & Community
Chapter 30: Neighborhood Effects on Schools and Students - Kendra Bischoff and Peter Rich
Chapter 31: The Effects of Residential Mobility on Educational Outcomes - Carla Haelermans and Bregje van Geffen
Chapter 32: The Kids Aren't Alright: Toward a Multicontextual View on School and Neighborhood - Jannick Demanet
Chapter 33: Social Context and School Processes - Ruth Lupton
Chapter 34: School Differentiation in Urban Spaces: Social Diversity, Segregation and Inequality - Quentin Maire
PART 5: Education & Innovation in a Global Context
Chapter 35: Importance of Context in Assessment of Whole Child Development Competences: A Case from East Africa - John Kabutha Mugo, Mauro Giacomazzi and, Purity Ngina
Chapter 36: Rethinking the Interplay Between Schooling, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Poverty: Key Issues for Sociology of Education to Consider Regarding Structure, Space and Agency - Paul Downes
Chapter 37: Achievement Gaps: School Socioeconomic Composition and Trust as Educational Innovation - Mieke Van Houtte
Chapter 38: Disabled Pupils in Ordinary School and Impacts on Inclusive Education - Joel Zaffran
Chapter 39: Educational Expansion and Human Rights - Francisco O. Ramirez and Minju Choi
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