Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis

A Practical Guide


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Section One: Venturing forth! Doing reflexive thematic analysis Chapter One: It's almost time to depart: Getting ready for your thematic analysis adventure Before analysis: A brief design interlude Chapter Two: Taking an initial lay of the land: Introducing our worked example dataset and doing familiarisation Chapter Three: Exploring this world in detail: Doing coding Chapter Four: Finding, losing, then finding your way again: Developing your themes Chapter Five: Arriving home and telling a story about your adventure: Writing your thematic analysis report Section Two: Going deeper for tip-top reflexive thematic analysis: Theory, interpretation, and quality matters Chapter Six: A not-so-scary theory chapter: Conceptually locating reflexive thematic analysis Chapter Seven: So what? The importance of interpretation in reflexive thematic analysis Chapter Eight: One big happy family? Understanding similarities and differences between reflexive TA and its methodological siblings and cousins Chapter Nine: Getting your own house in order: Understanding what makes good reflexive thematic analysis to ensure quality
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thematic analysis;research methods in psychology;qualitative data analysis;thematic synthesis;thematic mapping;reflexive thematic analysis;data coding