Theorizing Digital Cultures

Theorizing Digital Cultures

Bollmer, Grant David

SAGE Publications Ltd






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Introduction: Why Theorize Digital Cultures? PART 1 DEFINING DIGITAL CULTURES Chapter 1: What Are Digital Cultures? Chapter 2: Culture and Technique Chapter 3: Digital and Analog PART 2 HISTORIES, CONCEPTS AND DEBATES Chapter 4: Cybernetics and Posthumanism Chapter 5: Identities and Performances Chapter 6: Bodies and Extensions Chapter 7: Aesthetics and Affects Chapter 8: Forms and Judgments Chapter 9: Infrastructures and Ecologies Afterword: What Comes after Digital Cultures?
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Theorizing Digital Cultures;Digital society;Understanding digital culture;Digital technologies;Cybernetics;Posthumanism;Online identities;Digital aesthetics;Materiality of infrastructure;Media and society