Understanding Digital Culture

Understanding Digital Culture

Miller, Vincent

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Revolutionary Technologies?
The Structure of the Book
Chapter 1: Key Elements of Digital Media
Technical Processes
Cultural Forms
Immersive Experiences
Chapter 2: The Economic Foundations of the Information Age
The Information Society
Post-Fordism and Globalisation
Informationalism and the Network Society
Weightless Economies, Intellectual Property and the Commodification of Knowledge
Chapter 3: Convergence and the Contemporary Media Experience
Technological Convergence
Regulatory Convergence
Media Industry Convergence
Convergence Culture ad the Contemporary Media Experience
Producers, Consumers, Prosumers and 'Produsage'
Chapter 4: 'Everyone is Watching': Privacy and Surveillance in Digital Life
The Changing Cultural Contexts of Privacy
Digital Surveillance: Spaces, Traces and Tools
The Rise Surveillance: Causes and Processes
Commercial Imperatives and the Political Economy of Surveillance
Why Care about a Surveillance Society?
Chapter 5: Information Politics and the Online Public Sphere
The Poltical Context of Information Politics
ICT-Enabled Politics
An Internet Public Sphere?
Chapter 6: Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism and Cyberware
Cybercrime: A Muddy Field
The Tools and Techniques of Cybercrime, Cyberactivism and Cyberwarfare
Cyber Politics by Another Means: Cyber Warfare
Chapter 7: Digital Identity
'Objects to Think with': Early Internet Studies and Poststructuralism
Personal Homepages and the 'Re-Centring' of the Individual
Personal Blogging, Individualisation and the Reflexive Project of the Self
Avatar and Identity
Social Networks, Profiles and Networked Identity
Who needs Identity?
Chapter 8: Digital Community? Space, Networks and Relationships
Searching for Lost Community: Urbanisation, Space and Scales of Experience
Globalisation, Technology and the Rise of Individualism
'Virtual' Communities Over Before they Began?
Network Societies, Network Socialities and Networked Individualism
Being Together Online: Networks, Instrumentalism and Intimacy
Chapter 9: The Body and Information Technology
The Body, Technology and Society
The Posthuman
Technology, Embodiment Relations and 'Homo Faber'
Conclusion: Base, Superstructure, Infrastructure (Revisited)
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