Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Smith, Scott M.; Albaum, Gerald S.

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Part I: What is Marketing Research?
1. The Nature of Marketing Research
2. Planning for Marketing Research and the Research Process
3. Research Design
Cases for Part I
Part II: Techniques for Obtaining Data
4. Secondary Data and Sources
5. Information From Respondents
6. Online Marketing Research
7. Qualitative Research and Observation
8. Experimentation
Cases for Part II
Part III: Measurement
9. General Concepts of Measurement
10. Measurement and Scaling in Marketing Research
11. Designing Questionnaires
Cases for Part III
Part IV: Sampling
12. Sampling Procedures in Marketing Research
13. Sample Size
Cases for Part IV
Part V: Analyzing Data
14. The Analysis Process--Basic Concepts of Editing, Coding, and Descriptive Analysis
15. Hypothesis Testing and Univariate Analysis
16. Bivariate Analysis: Differences Between Sample Groups
17. Bivariate Analysis: Measures of Association
18. Multivariate Statistical Analysis
19. Multivariate Analysis: Factor Analysis, Clustering Methods, Multidimensional Scaling, and Conjoint Analysis
Cases for Part V
Part VI: The Research Report
20. Reporting Research Results
Appendix A: Statisitcal Tables
Glossary of Terms
Name Index
Subject Index
About the Authors
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Marketing Research;Quantitative Techniques for Business & Management Research