Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Planning, Process, Practice

Mohsen, Marwa Gad; Fourali, Chahid; Benzo, Riccardo

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Part I: Setting Up Marketing Research
Chapter 1: (Introduction) Adding Value with Marketing Research
Chapter 2: Identifying Marketing-Related (Business) Islsues
Chapter 3: Secondary Research: Facts and Theory
Part II: Planning Marketing Research
Chapter 4: Conceptualising Research: From Secondary to Primary Research
Chapter 5: Marketing Research Designs
Chapter 6: Sampling
Part III: Qualitative Research in Marketing
Chapter 7: Qualitative Research Methods: Elements of a Good Design
Chapter 8: Determining a Robust Qualitative Research Approach: Reviewing the Methodological and Data Gathering Options
Chapter 9: The Merits of Mixed Design Research Methodology: Illustration Through Action Research and Case Studies
Chapter 10: From Theory to Practice: Illustrating the Qualitative Research Process
Part IV: Quantitative Research in Marketing
Chapter 11: Hypothesis Building and Testing
Chapter 12: Quantitative Research Methodology
Chapter 13: Questionnaire Design and Data Preparation for Analysis
Chapter 14: Data Analysis Using Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Part V: Reporting Marketing Research
Chapter 15: Discussing Findings, Drawing Recommendations & Conclusions: Writing the Research Report
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