Teaching Science in the Primary Classroom

Teaching Science in the Primary Classroom


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1. What is Science? - Hellen Ward 2. The Skills Learners Need to Learn Science: Process Skills - Hellen Ward 3. Observation, Measurement and Classification - Judith Roden 4. Raising and Analysing Questions and Use of Secondary Sources - Judith Roden 5. Scientific Enquiry and Working Scientifically - Hellen Ward 6. Assessing Learning - Hellen Ward and Keith Remnant 7. Science from Stories - Claire Hewlett 8. Using Role-play to Stimulate and Develop Learners' Understanding of Scientific Concepts - Maria Elsham and Julie Foreman 9. Science from Games - Hellen Ward 10. Using Computers in Science - Manette Carroll and Hellen Ward 11. Science Outdoors - Andrew Berry
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