SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology

SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology


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Introduction - Wendy Stainton-Rogers and Carla Willig SECTION ONE: METHODOLOGIES 2. Thematic Analysis - Gareth Terry, Nikki Hayfield, Victoria Clarke & Virginia Braun 3. Ethnography - Christine Griffin and Andrew Bengry-Howell 4. Action Research - Carolyn Kagan, Mark Burton and Asiya Siddiquee 5. Conversation Analysis - Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger 6. Discursive Psychology - Sally Wiggins and Jonathan Potter 7. Foucauldian Discourse Analysis - Michael Arribas-Ayllon and Valerie Walkerdine 8. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Qualitative Psychology - Stephen Frosh and Lisa Saville Young 9. Memory Work - Niamh Stephenson and Susan Kippax 10. Narrative Inquiry - David Hiles, Ivo Cermak and Vladimir Chrz 11. The Descriptive Phenomenological Psychological Method - Amedeo Giorgi, Barbro Giorgi and James Morley 12. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis - Virginia Eatough and Jonathan A. Smith 13. Q Methodology - Paul Stenner, Simon Watts and Marcia Worrell 14. Grounded Theory Methods for Qualitative Psychology - Kathy Charmaz and Karen Henwood SECTION TWO: PERSPECTIVES AND APPROACHES 15. Ethics in Qualitative Psychological Research - Svend Brinkmann and Steinar Kvale 16. Interpretation in Qualitative Research - Carla Willig 17. Qualitative Methods in Feminist Psychology - Mary Gergen 18. Postcolonialism and Psychology: growing interest and promising potential - Catriona Macleod, Sunil Bhatia and Shose Kessi 19. Community Psychology - Adele V. Malpert, Sarah V. Suiter, Natalie M. Kivell, Douglas D. Perkins, Kimberly Bess, Scotney D. Evans, Carrie E. Hanlin, Patricia Conway, Diana McCown, and Isaac Prilleltensky 20. Social Representations - Uwe Flick and Juliet Foster 21. Visual Approaches: Using and Interpreting Images - Paula Reavey and Katherine Johnson 22. Netnography: Radical Participative Understanding for a Networked Communications Society - Robert Kozinets 23. Using Computer Packages in Qualitative Research: exemplars, developments and challenges - Sarah L. Bulloch, Christina Silver and Nigel Fielding 24. Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: A Pragmatic Approach - Lucy Yardley and Felicity L Bishop SECTION THREE: APPLICATIONS 25. Social Psychology - Steven D. Brown and Abigail Locke 26. Health Psychology - Kerry Chamberlain and Michael Murray 27. Developmental Psychology - Erica Burman 28. Clinical Psychology - David Harper 29. Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy: History, Methods, Ethics, and Impact - Joseph G. Ponterotto, Jennie Park-Taylor, and Eric C. Chen 30. Qualitative Methods in Organizational Psychology - Elena Doldor, Jo Silvester and Doyin Atewologun 31. Forensic Psychology - Peter Banister 32. Cultural Psychology - Leslie Swartz and Poul Rohleder 33. Cognitive Psychology - Thomas C. Ormerod and Linden J. Ball 34. Review and Prospect - Wendy Stainton-Rogers and Carla Willig
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