SAGE Handbook of Theoretical Psychology

SAGE Handbook of Theoretical Psychology


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Introduction to Part 1 FOUNDATIONAL POSITIONS Neuroscience and psychology Cognitive Psychology: Information, representation and intentionality Evolutionary psychology Cognitive psychology: Extended Mind Mental causation, related to agency, responsibility Cultural Psychology Embodied, embedded cognition THEORETICAL TOOLS AND APPROACHES Levels of explanation Theories of explanation and models The problem of measurement in psychology Realism in psychology Causality in psychology: The hidden-variable model and alternatives? Embodiment, Culture and the Humanities Historical foundations of theory in psychology Mechanistic explanation in psychology Disorders of decision making SOCIO-CULTURAL & CRITICAL ORIENTATIONS TO PSYCHOLOGY Narrative Psychology Activity theory Culture, self & globalization Psychology of Morality Dialogism and Bakhtin Wittgenstein and psychology Critical Psychology Feminist Psychology Lacan and Psychology Gibsonian or ecological psychology German Kritische Psychologie RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THEORY Technology and psychology Reflexivity Heuristics - the theory Theories of psychopathology Psychoanalysis and Psychology Theory of relational psychology The future of the theory of mind Embodiment Affect
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