Teaching Early Years

Teaching Early Years

Theory and Practice

Thomas, Amanda; McInnes, Karen

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Chapter 1: Introduction - Amanda Thomas and Karen McInnes
Chapter 2: What can we learn from UK Early Years curricula? - Claire Pescott
Chapter 3: Child development in practice - Karen McInnes and Holly Gallan
Chapter 4: Play and playfulness: The foundation of learning and development - Karen McInnes and Natacha Yuen
Chapter 5: Understanding well-being in the Early Years - Alyson Lewis and Lucy Rees
Chapter 6: Playing with words - becoming a reader and writer - Rhiannon Packer, Philippa Watkins and Marc Hughes
Chapter 7: Developing mathematical confidence in the Early Years - Catherine Jones
Chapter 8: Becoming a scientist through an experiential pedagogy - Amanda Thomas, Karen Parker, Carole Carter and Clare Griffiths
Chapter 9: Inspiring creativity in the Early Years - Catherine Jones and Francine Davies
Chapter10: Into the great outdoors: Opportunities and experiences - Alyson Lewis and Rebecca Poole
Chapter 11: Conclusion - Amanda Thomas and Karen McInnes
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