SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology

SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology


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Introduction - David Inglis PART 1: SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT Marxist Cultural Sociology - Paul Jones Max Weber's Presences: On the Cultural Sociology of the Long-Term - David Inglis The Cultural Sociology of Alfred Weber and Karl Mannheim - Colin Loader Durkheimian and Neo-Durkheimian Cultural Sociologies - David Inglis A Qualitative Theory of Culture: Georg Simmel and Cultural Sociology - Eduardo de la Fuente Bourdieu's Sociology of Culture: On the Economy of Symbolic Goods - Gisele Sapiro Symbolic Interactionism's Contribution to the Study of Culture - Norman Denzin Cognition and Cultural Sociology: The Inside and Outside of Thought - Karen A. Cerulo Actor Network Theory and Its Cultural Uses - Anna-Mari Almila Neoinstitutionalist Sociology - Pertti Alasuutari The Cultural Worth of 'Economies of Worth': French Pragmatic Sociology from a Cultural Sociological Perspective - Ilana F. Silber Systems Theory and Culture: Drawing Lessons from Parsons and Luhmann - Rudi Laermans The 'Production of Culture Perspective' in Perspective - Marco Santoro Cultural Historical Sociology - Chandra Mukerji PART 2: METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES Quantitative Analysis in Cultural Sociology: Why It Should be Done, How It Can Be Done - Dick Houtman & Peter Achterberg Qualitative Cultural Sociology - Thomas S. Eberle Multiple Correspondence Analysis - Julien Duval Hermeneutics and Cultural Sociology - Jonathan Roberge Social Network Analysis - Nick Crossley Ethnography and the Sociology of Culture - John Hughson PART 3: DISCIPLINARITY & INTERDISCIPLINARITY Sociology and Cultural Studies: A Close and Fraught Relationship - David Inglis Visual Culture Studies and Cultural Sociology: Extractive Seeing - Janet Stewart Queering Gender, Art and Culture in the Age of Media Convergence - Mary Kosut PART 4: CULTURE & SOCIETY Symbolic Boundaries - Bethany Bryson Cultural Sociology of Religion and Beliefs - Laura Edles Everyday Life: The Making of a Sociological Topic, Then Making it 'Cultural Sociology' - Rachel Hurdley 'Turn Turn Turn!' Musicalizing Cultural Sociology with the 'in Action' Perspective - Tia DeNora PART 5: CULTURE & POLITICS Cultural Citizenship - Nick Stevenson Dimensions of Culture in Social Movement Research - Hank Johnston Cultural Nationalism - Eric Taylor Woods Cultural Sociology of News Media - Ron Jacobs Cultural Memory - Brad West PART 6: ARTS & AESTHETICS (Cultural) Sociologies of Architecture? - Paul Jones For a Sociology of the Cinema - Tatiana Signorelli Heise & Andrew Tudor Witnessing Culture: Museums, Exhibitions and the Artistic Encounter - Nail Farkhatdinov & Sophia Krzys Acord Cultural Sociology of Fashion: On the Sartorial, Symbolic and Social - Anna-Mari Almila Popular Music and Cultural Sociology - Andy Bennett Iconicity - Dominic Bartmanski The Cultural Sociology of Markets - Fred Wherry PART 7: CULTURE & CONSUMPTION Cultural Consumption and Cultural Omnivorousness - David Wright Cultural Sociology: Brands - Sonia Bookman Cultural Sociology of Ethical Consumption - Matthias Varul
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