Fulfilling the Potential of Your Doctoral Experience

Fulfilling the Potential of Your Doctoral Experience

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Prologue: Who will benefit from the book and why Part I: Engaging with the process Chapter 1: What is the point of a doctorate in the 21st century? Chapter 2: How can you make a good start? Chapter 3: How can you develop your role as an evolving researcher? Part II: Success is in the detail Chapter 4: What makes a good research story? Chapter 5: What are the potential resources and opportunities and how can they best be utilised? Chapter 6: How can relationships be developed to gain constructive feedback and support? Chapter 7: How can you prepare for successful formal reviews during the doctorate? Chapter 8: What are the criteria and how can you prepare to do well in the final assessment? Part III: Progressing with confidence Chapter 9: What is impact and how can it enhance future opportunities? Chapter 10: How can you make the most of your experience at a personal level? Chapter 11: How can you make the most of your experience for your professional career? Chapter 12: What are the key features for transitioning into a new role? Appendix I: Non-verbal communication: a quick guide to some important signals Appendix II: A sample Gantt chart Appendix III: Summary diagram of the Researcher Development Framework Appendix IV: Advice on final assessment A & B Appendix V: Policy Information about Impact Appendix VI: Authors' Doctoral Experiences Glossary
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