Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress

Palmer, Stephen; Gyllensten, Kristina

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VOLUME ONE: THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THEORIES: STRESS A Syndrome Produced by Diverse Nocuous Agents - Hans Selye Does Fight or Flight Need Updating? - H. Bracha et al. Freeze, Flight, Fright, Faint: Adaptationist Perspectives on the Acute Stress Response Spectrum - H. Stefan Bracha Protective and Damaging Effects of Stress Mediators - Bruce McEwen Memory Formation under Stress: Quantity and Quality - Lars Schwabe, Oliver Wolf and Melly Oitzi Searching for the Structure of Coping: A Review and Critique of Category Systems for Classifying Ways of Coping - Ellen Skinner, Kathleen Edge, Jeffrey Altman and Hayley Sherwood Job Burnout: New Directions in Research and Intervention - Christina Maslach Does the stress in Childhood and Adolescence Matter? A Psychological Perspective - Bernard Lau Why Should Men and Women Marry and Have Children? Parenthood, Marital Status and Self-perceived Stress among Canadians - Ali Muhammad and Alain Gagnon The Role of Gender in Workplace Stress: A Critical Literature Review - Kristina Gyllensten and Stephen Palmer Understanding the Relationship between Work Stress and U.S. Research institutions Failure to Retain Underrepresented Minority (URM) Faculty - Ruth Enid Zambrana The Wear and Tear of Daily Stressors on Mental Health - Jacqueline Mogle, Martin Sliwinski and David Almeida Cognitive Activation Theory of Stress: An Integrative Theoretical Approach to Work Stress - James Meurs and Pamela Perrewe Association of Psychosocial Risk Factors with Risk of Acute Myocardinal Infarction in 11119 Cases and 13648 Controls from 52 Countries (The Interheart Study): Case-Control Study - Annika Rosengren, Steven Hawken, Stephanie Ounpuu, Karen Sliwa, Mohammad Zubaid, Wael Almahmeed, Kathleen Blackett, Chitr Sitthi-amorn, Hiroshi Sato and Salim Yusuf Job Stress in National Health Service managers: A Qualitative Exploration of the Stressor-Strain Health Relationship. The 'fit' and 'unfit' manager - Dinah Jenkins and Stephen Palmer The Relative Impact of Workplace Bullying as a Social Stressors At Work - Lars Johan Hauge, Anders Skogstrand and Stale Einarsen Working Life and Mental Health - A Challenge To Psychiatry? - Lennart Levi VOLUME TWO: THE MEASUREMENT OF STRESS Long-term Stability of Depression, Anxiety and Stress Syndromes - Peter Lovibond The Short-form version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS-21): Construct validity and normative Data in a Large Non-Clinical Sample - Julie Henry and John Crawford The Development of a Six-Item Short-Form of the State Scale of the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) - Theresa Marteau and Hilary Bekker Psychometric Properties and Standardised Data for Questionnaires Measuring Negative Affect, Dispositional Style and Daily Hassles. A Nation-Wide Sample - Berit Scott and Lennart Melin Psychometric Properties and Standardised Data for Questionnaires Measuring Negative Affect, Dispositional Style and Daily Hassles. A Nation-Wide Sample - Leonard Derogatis and Patricia Cleary The Validity of Two Versions of the Ghq in the Who Study Of Mental Illness in General Health Care - D.P. Goldberg, R. Gater, N. Sartorius, T.B. Ustun, M. Piccinelli, O. Gureje and C. Rutter Validity of the GHQ and SCL anxiety and Depression Scales: A Comparative Study - Maarten Koeter Stress Mapping: A Visual Technique to Aid Counselling or Training - Stephen Palmer 'Management standards' and work-related stress in the UK: Policy Background and Science - Colin Mackay, Rosanna Cousins, Peter Kelly, Steve Lee and Ron McCaig 'Management Standards' and Work-Related Stress in the UK: Practical Development - Rosanna Cousins, Colin Mackay, Simon Clarke, Chris Kelly, Peter Kelly and Ron McCaig Modelling Occupational Stress and Employee Health and Wellbeing in a Chinese Higher Education Institution - Xiaoli Sang, Stephen Teo, Cary Cooper and Philip Bohle Occupational Stress in Romanian Intensive Care Nurses: A Multicentric Study - MirelaBidilica, VioricaNedelcu, Raluca Sfetcu, Daniela Ionescu and Dan Corneci Psychosocial Risks and Work-related Stress in Developing Countries: The Need for a Multilevel Intervention Framework - Evelyn Kortum and Stavroula Leka An Example of a Stress Policy - HSE The Measurement of Effort-Reward Imbalance At Work: European Comparisons - Johannes Siegrist, Dagmar Starke, Tarani Chandola, Isabelle Godin, Michael Marmot, Isabelle Niedhammer and Richard Peter Ten Years On: A Review of Recent Research on the Job Demand-Control (-Support) Model and Psychological Well-Being - Jan Hausser , Andreas Mojzisch , Miriam Niesel and Stefan Schulz-Hardt Systematic Review: Work-related stress and the HSE Management Standards - K. Brookes, C. Limbert, C. Deacy, A. O'Reilly, S. Scott and K. Thirlaway New, Normative, English-Sample Data for the Short Form Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-4) - Sheryl Warttig, Mark Forshaw, Jane South and Alan White VOLUME THREE: THE MANAGEMENT OF STRESS (INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, ORGANISATIONAL AND COMMUNITY) Comprehensive Knowledge for Stress Management Practitioners - ISMA UK Stress Management for Employees: An Evidence Based Approach - Stephen Palmer and Kristina Gyllensten Guidelines for Counselling in the Workplace - BACP Working with a Client Suffering from Workplace Stress in a Primary Care Setting: A Cognitive Behavioural Case Study - KristinaGyllensten and Stephen Palmer PRACTICE: A Model Suitable for Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Stress Management - Stephen Palmer Coping Imagery - Stephen Palmer Inference Chaining: A Rational Coaching Technique - Stephen Palmer Rational Coaching: A Cognitive Behavioural Approach - Stephen Palmer Rational Coaching with Perfectionistic Leaders to Overcome Avoidance of Leadership Responsibilities - Victoria Ellam-Dyson and Stephen Palmer SPACE: A Psychological Model for Use within Cognitive and Behavioural Coaching, Therapy and Stress Management - Nick Edgerton and Stephen Palmer Reducing Stress in the Workplace - Stephen Palmer Effects of Low-Dose Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR-ld) on Working Adults - Maryanna Klatt, Janet Buckworth and William Malarkey Gardening Promotes Neuroendocrine and Affective Restoration from Stress - Agnes Van Den Berg and Mariette Custers Job Strain as a Risk Factor for Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity: An Individual Participant Meta-analysis of up to 170 000 Men and Women - Eleonor Fransson et al Process Evaluation for Organizational Stress and Well-Being Interventions: Implications for Theory Methods and Practice - Caroline Biron and Maria Karanika-Murray Evaluating organizational-level work stress interventions: Beyond traditional methods - Tom Cox, Maria Karanika, Amanda Griffiths and Jonathan Houdmont The Benefits of Interventions for Work-Related Stress - Jac van der Klink, Roland Blonk, Aart Schene and Frank van Dijk Autopsy of a Failure: Evaluating Process and Contextual Issues in an Organizational-Level Work Stress Intervention - Caroline Biron, Caroline Gatrell and Cary Cooper Stress Reduction Through Psychoeducation: A Meta-Analytic Review - Tom Van Daele, Dirk Hermans, Chantal Van Audenhove and Omer Van den Bergh Perceived Organizational Support as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Organizational stressors and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors - Ajay Jain, Sabir Giga and Cary Cooper Perceptions of stress and Stress Interventions in Finance Organizations: Overcoming Resistance Towards Counselling - Kristina Gyllensten, Stephen Palmer and Jacqui Farrants A Multimodal Assessment and Rational Emotive Behavioural Approach to Stress Counselling: A Case Study - Dinah Jenkins and Stephen Palmer
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psychology; stress; Palmer; Gyllensten