SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Ethics

SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Ethics


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Editors' Introduction: Foundational Issues in Qualitative Research Ethics - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich PART ONE: THICK DESCRIPTIONS OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ETHICS Part One Introduction - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich Chapter 1: Values in Social Research - Martyn Hammersley Chapter 2: Ethics, Reflexivity and Virtue - David Carpenter Chapter 3: A Posthumanist Ethics of Mattering: New Materialisms and the Ethical Practice of Inquiry - Natasha S. Mauthner Chapter 4: Feminist Epistemologies And Ethics: Ecological Thinking, Situated Knowledges, Epistemic Responsibilities - Andrea Doucet Chapter 5: Ethical Imperialism? Exporting Research Ethics to the Global South - Mark Israel Chapter 6: Democratizing Research in Practice - Helen Kara PART TWO: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ETHICS BY TECHNIQUE Part Two Introduction - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich Chapter 7: The Ethics of Ethnography - Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson Chapter 8: He Said, She Said, We Said: Ethical Issues In Conducting Dyadic Interviews - Karen Lowton Chapter 9: Ethical Issues when Undertaking Autoethnographic Research with Families - Anita Gibbs Chapter 10: Between Dance and Detention: Ethical Considerations of Mesearch in Performance - Mark Edward Chapter 11: Walking Interview Ethics - Penelope Kinney Chapter 12: Ethics and Power in Visual Research Methods - Anne Harley & Jonathon Langdon Chapter 13: Ethics Working In An Ever-Changing Ethnographic Environment - Olivia Marcus and Shir Lerman PART THREE: ETHICS AS POLITICS Part Three Introduction - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich Chapter 14: Confronting Political Dilemmas in Ethnographic Field Work: Consent, Personal Safety and Triangulation - Jon Shefner and Zachary McKenney Chapter 15: Qualitative Ethics in a Positivist frame: The Canadian Experience 1998-2010 - Igor Gontcharov Chapter 16: When Ethics Review Boards Get Ethnographic Research Wrong - Lisa Wynn Chapter 17: Reflexivity: overcoming distrust between Research Ethics Committees and Researchers - Marilys Guillemin and Lynn Gillam Chapter 18: Moving beyond Regulatory Compliance: Building Institutional Support for Ethical Reflection in Research - Gary Allen and Mark Israel Chapter 19: Research Ethics Committees - What are they good for? - David Hunter PART FOUR: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ETHICS WITH VULNERABLE GROUPS Part Four Introduction - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich Chapter 20: The Vulnerability of Vulnerability: Why Social Science Researchers Should Abandon the Doctrine of Vulnerability - Will C. van den Hoonaard Chapter 21: Researching hate crime against disabled people - working through ethical considerations when the 'personal is political' - Chih Hoong Sin Chapter 22: Participatory Action Research With Indigenous Youth And Their Communities - Linda Liebenberg, Michele Wood, and Darlene Wall Chapter 23: . Role Conflict and Questions of Rigour: Working with Community Researchers in Sexual Health - Julie Mooney-Somers and Anna Olsen Chapter 24: Fair Warnings: The Ethics of Ethnography with Children - Angel A. Escamilla Garcia and Gary Alan Fine Chapter 25: Protecting And Empowering Research With The Vulnerable Older Person - Fiona Poland and Linda Birt Chapter 26: Ethics Unleashed: Developing Responsive Ethical Practice And Review For The Inclusion Of Non-Human Animal Participants In Qualitative Research - Emma Tumilty, Catherine M. Smith, Peter Walker and Gareth Treharne Chapter 27: Paternalism and the Ethics of Researching with People who use Drugs - Lucy Pickering PART FIVE: RELATIONAL RESEARCH ETHICS Part Five Introduction - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich Chapter 28: An Exception To The Rule: Journalism And Research Ethics - Donald Matheson Chapter 29: The Dual Imperative in Disaster Research Ethics - Donal O'Mathuna Chapter 30: Ethical Issues in Insider-Outsider Research - Bridgette Toy-Cronin Chapter 31: Covert: The Fear And Fascination Of A Methodological Pariah - David Calvey Chapter 32: Ethical issues in Grounded Theory - Karin Olson PART SIX: RESEARCHING DIGITALLY Part Six Introduction - Elizabeth Buchanan Chapter 33: Research That Hurts: Ethical Considerations When Studying Vulnerable Populations Online - Camilla Granholm and Eva Svedmark Chapter 34: . 'What if they're bastards?': Ethics and the Imagining of the Other in the Study of Online Fan Cultures - Natasha Whiteman Chapter 35: Negotiating the ethics of gendered online spaces in Mainland China and Hong Kong - Tom McDonald, Karen Joe-Laidler and Marissa Dean Concluding Thoughts: The Virtues of a Reflexive Qualitative Researcher - Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich
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